I had a great time learning about RSS feeds this evening. Before today, I had no idea what a RSS feed was and why I would ever want to know anything about them. Now I am IN LOVE with using my reader and connecting all the blogs and news I follow. I literally checked the amount of sites I check daily to obtain news on domestic and foreign issues…I check between 8 and 12 a day! It is very time consuming, but it was just something that had become part of my normal routine to prepare for the day. Now with my new reading bringing me all my favorite news, I feel free! I can go to one site and by “magic” all my news feeds are in one place. I feel like I have discovered some sort of secret. It is simple. It is useful. It will save me time and give me instant access to all the news I could ever need. Now back to add more sites to my reader and clicking a few more RSS symbols : )

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